GFMAM Office:

1370 Don Mills Road, Suite 300
Toronto, ON M3B 3N7

Bemas Office:

Dalinea Business Center, Derbystraat 33 B, 9051 St-Denijs-Westrem

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Together We can Make Our Vision a Reality

We want everyone to be part of the Global Maintenance Day, online as well as offline. Here are some ideas to get involved:

  • Share the Global Maintenance Day on social media
  • Sign up for our newsletter
  • Organise an afternoon with friends and family to maintain objects you use daily
  • Organise a company visit or workshop to see the work of the technical department
  • Create videos about the value of maintenance
  • Organise a presentation or seminar about maintenance I

Don’t hesitate to be creative. Together, we can create a beautiful first Global Maintenance Day!

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